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BM20200 Mobile Commercial Brake Tester

The BM20200 mobile brake tester is suitable for cars, vans and all commercial vehicles, including the largest of HGV vehicles in the UK. It will cope with axle loads of up to 20,000 kg.  

bm20200 mobile brake tester

Key features of the BM20200 brake tester

Print out facility with Pass / Fail
Infared remote control
Automatic vehicle axle weighing
Laptop with hand held PDA
Optional 4 wheel drive testing, 6 x 4 & 8 x 6 vehicles
In-depth brake diagnostics
VOSA / DVSA database with DTP recognition
mobile commercial brake tester BM20200


The BM20200 is equipped with the same electronics and software as the BM in-ground brake testers - BM12200 and BM14200. Therefore this machine offers the same high testing standard and data processing as these models.

This mobile machine can be used in conjunction with the mobile BM52000 play detectors. Enabling this to become a test lane option which is surface mounted. 

There are various diplay options for this brake tester, you can have a display clock which is mounted on a mobile trolley, or you can have your display on a laptop and pda. The key point here, is it is extremely flexible.

Advantage & Benefit

The main advantage of the mobile brake tester is how it has been designed. It allows the machine to be placed directly on the surface of a workshop floor, without the need or expense of civil ground-works. It comes complete with drive on and off ramps which are folded down after 1 person has placed it into position. The machine can be set up and doing its 1st brake test in less than 5 minutes.

It can be used as a transportable brake testing unit, making it superb for businesses with multiple depots or even enabling the possibility of sharing a brake tester. The majority of customers use these brake testers in their workshops and use the option of being able to complete brake tests outside on a decent day.

The BM20200 weighs only 1200 kg, and when place on its wheels one man can pull the brake tester around with ease. This enables the machine to be placed indoor in the winter, but can be used outside in the summer or when weather permits.

BM Autoteknik's BM20200 mobile brake tester is a unique complete solution, which will look after all of your brake testing needs. 

For further information on the BM20200, site visit or demonstration please get in touch

Call: 01785 281102


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